RE: Call for Original Sound Works

Subject: RE: Call for Original Sound Works
From: Nicolas Vérin (
Date: Sat Sep 25 1999 - 06:44:31 EDT

If you are interested, I could participate in your show during my visit in
Montréal this coming November 4th through 7th. I am a Franch composer and
will be performing Pierre Henry's Apocalypse de Jean (I was his assistant
several years ago) on the 5th and a piece of mine on the 6th during the
Elektra festival organised by ACREQ.
You can get more info on my work both in English or French on my site (URL
in my sig).

 ~~~~~~~ Nicolas Vérin - compositeur / composer ~~~~~~~

pour plus d'informations, visitez mon site :
for more informations, visit my site :

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