RE: Call for Original Sound Works

Subject: RE: Call for Original Sound Works
From: ALYCE (
Date: Sat Sep 25 1999 - 01:31:14 EDT

HI! I'm a 3rd year Communications student at Concordia. I'm working
on a radio show which is accessible on the web. I recently
subscribed to cecdiscuss as the result of being introduced to my first EA
course this year. Should you have any original and completed sound pieces
(musical compositions/soundscapes/soundwalks/...perhaps something wild and
crazy/deep and thoughtful or otherwise interesting or just fun to listen
to) please consider sending it in a CD format to me so that I may play it
on my show; I will also be inviting listeners to send in their impressions
of the works heard. On a weekly basis, various comments will be read
during the show. I would also appreciate any clever tidbits or concert
updates which you may have at your fingertips at this time. Please note that the
original works need not solely fall under the classfication of EA. My
basic aim is to showcase "originality" and to hopefully intrigue listeners by
what they hear in the works presented. At the onset, the range of the
styles of pieces heard on a single show may be broad and will hopefully
become more focused (in terms of categories/themes/etc.) as the show's library
of your tunes grows to a point where one person's individual piece can be
discussed in relation to someone else's original composition.
Please contact me through my email:
or send your CDs and comments directly to me as follows:
TO ALYCE's Saturday Night Original Spotlight on CJLO Radio
7141 Sherbrooke Steet East
Montreal, Quebec, H4B 1R6
Thanks for your attention!

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