Subject: STEVE HEIMBECKER CD on Ohm/Avatar
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Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 14:39:04 EDT

At 2:09 PM -0400 9/22/99, j robert wrote:
>"The Enormouslessness of Cloud Machines"
>Ohm/Avtr 015-016
>Steve Heimbecker is a Praries artist who has been challenging artistic
>boundaries since the very beginning of his career, twenty years ago.
>Working in a fuzzy zone between video, installation, music and performance,
>he created works that stand out and that have been acclaimed all over
>Canada and internationaly.
>Recently, a lot of his time has been dedicated to audio art projects,
>notably sound installations and numerous quadraphonic and octophonic works.
>Many will remember his 'Soundpool : the manufacturing of silence" subsonic
>installation, shown in Quebec with the collaboration of Avatar.
>Following this first collaboration, Avatar/Ohm édition and Steve Heimbecker
>do it again and present "The Enormouslessness of Cloud Machines", a double
>cd set that offers an anthology of the multichannel sound works of
>heimbecker, remixed specially for this publication.
>This new addition to the Ohm éditions catalogue covers works that
>Heimbecker created on multispeakers sound systems that he invented, and
>that he showed in performances. The resulting works are long ambiant pieces
>that create an unheard of sound space.
>541 Saint-Vallier Est #4
>Québec, Qc
>Canada G1K 3P9
>tel (418) 522-8918
>fax (418) 522-6412

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