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Subject: Fwd: 5/2 Call for papers
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Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 08:34:26 EDT

> Organised Sound
> An International Journal of Music and Technology
>Volume 5, Number 2
>Issue thematic title: Music Technology and Popular Music
>Date of Publication: May 2000
>Publishers: Cambridge University Press
>Articles to be considered for publication in the named issue are now invited.
>Music Technology and Popular Music
>In recent years, and throughout the last three decades, there has
>been a substantial amount of innovative work in popular music areas
>that has involved new applications of music technology. Parallel to
>this the area known today as popular music studies has grown
>enormously. However, there are few in-depth discussions of
>innovative use of music technology in popular music from the musical
>point of view thus far published. Organised Sound would like to
>offer a platform for musicians, developers and scholars to share
>their experiences in the journal's Volume 1, Number 2 issue which is
>to appear in May 2000.
>Whether the subject at hand is sampling, new uses of MIDI, the
>bedroom as studio, new protocols or musical instruments, ways of
>forming sounds or of forming entire lengthy improvised pieces, all
>submissions are welcome.
>What has the impact of these applications been in terms of other
>musicians' approaches to music making and of public appreciation?
>Are new composition techniques being applied in live mixes? How have
>applications of music technology in popular music influenced
>composers outside the field (and vice versa)? And, what kinds of
>innovative work are taking place in recording studios today? These
>are but a few of a large number of potential topics. If you have
>done work in any of these areas or one you believe might be of
>interest to the Organised Sound readership please consider sending
>us an article. As Organised Sound publishes an annual CD, sound
>examples or pieces demonstrating innovation in popular music are
>also being sought.
>Notes for Contributors can be obtained from the inside back cover of
>published issues of Organised Sound or from:
>Articles and other material for the editors' consideration should be submitted
>by 1 December1999. Hard copy to:
> The Editors
> Organised Sound
> Centre for Technology and the Arts
> De Montfort University
> Leicester LE1 9BH, UK.
>Email submissions should be mailed to (please see SUBMISSION FORMAT above):
> os@cage.york.ac.uk
>Further details about Organised Sound are available at:
>Editors: Ross Kirk, Leigh Landy, Tony Myatt, Richard Orton.
>Corresponding Editors:
> Lelio Camilleri, Daniel Oppenheim, Miller Puckette, Barry Truax,
> David Worrall
>International Editorial Board:
> Marc Battier, Francois Bayle, Peter Castine, Alcedo Coenen,
> Francis Dhomont,Simon Emmerson, Rajmil Fischman, Takayuki Rai,
> John Rimmer, Jean-Claude Risset, Francis Rumsey, Conrado Silva,
> Christiane Ten-Hoopen, Daniel Teruggi, Jukka Tiensuu,
> Trevor Wishart, Scott Wyatt, Iannis Xenakis.

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