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Subject: AVANT magazine - Electroacoustic Special
From: Martín (maralefu@usa.net)
Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 17:25:52 EDT

The British magazine "AVANT" has devoted its 2 most
recent issues to electroacoustic music. Those issues
are numbers 11 and 12 and both come with free
accompanying CDs. For further information on AVANT
magazine you can browse the following URL:


General information on issue 12:


Avant looks at some recent developments by composers
combining acoustic and electronic music from around
the world:
Eliane Radique (USA): We look at her newly released
triple CD 'Trilogy of the dead'
Tetsu Inoue (JAPAN) Psycho-Acoustic, new electronic
from the Japanese composer on the Tzadik label
Annae Lockwood/Ruth Andersen (USA). We look at two
works by these brillant American Composers, World
Ryhthms composed from the sounds of Volcanic
eruptions, Earthquakes, Radio waves,
Human Breathing, rivers, geysers etc while Ruth
Andersens 'I come out of your sleep' is composed from
speech vowels used in the poem by Louise Bogan' Little
Alan Lamb (Australia) Night Passage, a fascinating
recording made from what he calls the 'Faraway Wind
Organ', a half mile of abandonned telegraph wires in
the outback of Australia.
Travels of the Spider (Argentina) a new disc of
Electro-acoustic music from Argentina featuring
composers Teoro Cromberg, Ricardo Dal Farra, Martin
Alejandro Fumarola, Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi and
Daniel Schachter.
Phillip Manoury (France) ' Pluton' A fantastic new
by the french composer made with the co-operation of
IRCAM using special techniques to modify a Grand piano
with midi attachment and electronics.
Igor Korneitchouk (Spain) a very interesting new disc
by the composer who emmigrated to the USA when he was
three years old. The CD titled 'The Virtual Performer'
features music written for computer -driven piano, a
Yamaha C3 with discklavier
John Wall (UK) Avant also explores a new composition
for percussion and electronics also realised at IRCAM.

Michael Prime We look at his recent fantastic CD
'Domestic Science' that draws on domestic sound
sources from such things as electric radiators, gas
hobs, paastra preparation and washing machines.
Also, Walter Marchetti, Olivia Block and Ryoji Ikeda.

...A L S O
Le Sculpture Sonores - Francoise Baschet
A look at a new book written by the inventor
explaining his life and hundreds of invented
instruments called the Sculpture Sonores or Sound
Sculptures. Instruments, sculptures that produce
amazing sounds.

Avant looks at some recent developments by composers
combining acoustic and electronic music from around
the world featuring Martin Fumarola and Teodoro Pedro
Cromberg from Argentina and Amsterdam Electric Circus
from Holland.

The Theremin
Malcom Ball writes about a new American box set of CDs
highlighting this fascinating instrument, very popular
in the 20's,30's

The accompanying CD features Jonathan Harvey's "Le
Tombeau de Messiaen".

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