James Dashow - Spatial Tremolo

Subject: James Dashow - Spatial Tremolo
From: DG Malham (dgm102@york.ac.uk)
Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 05:16:24 EDT

This is part of a continueing thread on surrsound about the effects of
high speed panning (either stereo or above) on the spectral contents of
sounds. Comments below are from Chris Rolfe <rolfe@sfu.ca>, with the query
about the reference from me (in my dgm2@york.ac.uk guise). I have been
unable to either locate James Dashow on email or a reference to 'spatial
tremolo' on the Web or on paper. Anyone here any ideas?

        Dave Malham

>>> Amplitude panning should NOT change the frequency of the sound no

>>> matter the rate. Audio rate (~< 1/16 second) crossfading DOES produce
>>> a percept know as spatial tremolo (first noted and so named by James
>>> Dashow). There's no change in pitch, however.

>> Interesting - does anyone have a reference for this??

> A citation? Sorry, no. Agostino Di Scipio mentioned it to me, quoting
> Dashow from a conversation, although I also seem to recall a passing
> reference in one of Dashow's papers on composition from the late '70's
> or early '80's (perhaps in the Computer Music Journal). It was in the
> context of stereo amplitude panning.

> I'd suggest trying to contact Dashow personally.

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