Re: techno

Subject: Re: techno
From: Garth (
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 16:58:00 EDT

Those interested in the Ars Electronica situation might read this years
program for the Prix Ars - there is a lengthy explanation about their stance,
which I personally feel is ill foundered and based on gross generalizations,
many of which are based on the 'academic' slogan as a derogatory term.

I do agree that the genre has become a little complacent about sound texture
and aesthetic, and there are many works that follow a similar aesthetic -
perhaps we have become a little stuck in this groove, but I do not find this
sufficient reason for the AE approach, and having been there this year, I
didn't find any of the music presented to be innovative or 'new' in its
approach - in fact I found that they had swapped one form of codification for
another, without positive effect. I am unsure why it must be one form or
another - surely both can be considered along side each other - good work in
one genre can be appreciated in another.


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