Sampling Rage Starting next Wednesday, 22nd September

Subject: Sampling Rage Starting next Wednesday, 22nd September
From: Anomalous Records Eric (
Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 14:35:49 EDT

MontagsMusik Sampling Rage / Sampling Klub
Podewil: 22.9. – 27.10.

with: Steve Roden, Bernhard Guenter, Brandon LaBelle, Christophe
Charles, Markus Popp, Terre Thaemlitz, David Shea, Thomas Dimuzio,
POLE, Xentos Jones, Sachiko M, Erik M, John Wall Trio, Ute
Wassermann & Richard Barrett, Paul Schütze & Amelia Cuni, Gerd-Jan
Prins, Michael Walz, Olaf Rupp, Christoph Heeman & Andrew Chalk

MontagsMusik Sampling Rage
Mondays 27.9./4.10./11.10./18.10., each 20h, tickets: 20/15 DM
Musik im Klub Sampling Rage
Wednesdays 22.9./29.9./6.10./13.10./20.10./27.10., each 21h, tickets: 10 DM

Following the first MontagsMusik Sampling Rage (in january 1998)
which encountered great resonance, a
further serie of four concerts, a sound installation and a club serie
will present the variety of using samplers and
computers as musical instruments. The programm contains about 20
projects, within that we want to present
different approaches to working with sampling in a live context,
which range - to give just a few examples - from
Steve Roden's 'archaic' use of simple delay advices to Markus Popp's
advanced harddisc manipulations, from
Thomas Dimuzio's realtime sampling and feedback loops to the use of
sampling in a context of live voice and
Besides hoping for exciting and new musical events, we expect that,
at the end of the serie, there will be
prospects for developments of a musical production ‚after sampling‘.
Curators: Elke Moltrecht, Dieter Scheyhing

Musik im Klub: Sampling Rage Klub
Supplying MontagsMusik Sampling Rage, Sampling Rage Klub presents
different positions of electronic art
within six Klub nights.
curator: Reinhold Friedl

22.9. = 21h Musik im Klub
Gert-Jan Prins, Amsterdam (radio, tv, live electronics and percussion)
Prins, deriving from the field between Industrial and Free Jazz,
developed his unconventional Noise Music. He worked with musicians
like Lee Ronaldo (Sonic Youth) or improvisers like Fred Van Hove etc.
His actual solo-LP is beeing released this month at A-Musik Köln.

27.9. = 20h MontagsMusik
Steve Roden (Pasadena) – electronics, objects
Brandon LaBelle (Los Angeles) – electronics
Christophe Charles (Tokio) – electronics
Markus Popp (Berlin) – electronics

Artist and musician Steve Roden develops soundscapes with the title
‚a pulse in space‘. He integrates sampling, sound manipulation of
specific sound sources and objects that he collected in the
environment of the actual location of presentation and that are
beeing examined by contact mikrophones.
Brandon LaBelle, artist, musician and author, dedicates himself to
the possibilities of applying the sampler to itself in a way of
cannibalistic feedback. In self-reflexive hysteria the sounds circle
in a spirale until the trace of the original has disappeared:
sampling the sampler.
Christophe Charles, a french musician, who's now living in Japan,
arranges a multitude of found sounds via a computer programme that is
inspired by John Cage’s random processing method.
Markus Popp, whose solo projects are known as oval, favours the term
‚audio‘. The term ‚music‘, he regards as an obsolete aid in a field,
of which development can only be described in terms of hard- and

Exotic easy listening, techno, action movies, cartoons, Brahms,
Feldman, NY-Impro – for David Shea it doesn’t matter what is beeing
used, but how contexts develop through samples. His solo is based on
his CDs ‚Tower Of Mirrors‘ and ‚Satyricon‘.
Sound designer Thomas Dimuzio puts live-sampling-composition in the
focal point. He developed an interactive system of samplers and
processors and uses MIDI-controlled feedback, short waves and
far-reaching sound sources. „Sound Stalker“ Christoph Heeman and
Andrew Chalk (known through projects like ORA and Organum) create a
living sound sculpture, a continuously permuting sound scape based on
nature's noises.
„I’m going to become a techno-biblical Noah [...]“. Xentos Jones
mixes raw, uncultivated noises and hits – his collages make him a
prophet of decay and breaks.

29.9. = 21h Musik im Klub
Michael Walz (electr, sampling)
Michael Walz moves between performance arts concerts in the field of
electronics and sampling in the Berlin club and improvisation scene.
He cooperated with New York musicians in the USA. His CD wih Lothar
Fiedler and Michael Vorfeld is beeing released soon.

4.10. = 20h MontagsMusik
David Shea (Brusseles) – electronics
Thomas Dimuzio (San Francisco) – electronics
Christoph Heeman (Aachen) & Andrew Chalk (Hull) - electronics „Eye Of
The Storm“
Xentos Jones (London) – electronics

6.10. = 21h Musik im Klub
Bernhard Guenter (electr) „trente oiseaux“
Bernhard Guenter is one of the most demanded electronicians in the
experimental scene. The Wire counts his CD „un peu de neige salie“ to
one of the 100 most important puplications of the twentieth century.
He won an award at Ars Electronica and Jim O’Rourke is one of his

11.10. = 20h MontagsMusik
Terre Thaemlitz (Oakland) – electronics & Akiko Hada (Tokyo, Berlin)
video live mix
Sachiko M (Tokyo) – electronics
Erik M (Marseille) – electronics
Terre Thaemlitz politicizes musically. The sharp sounds on his actual
„Ultrared“-remix-maxi fascinates as it did already on his CD „Couture
Cosmetique“. The method of his live performances he calls
„post-processed audio ‚live‘“. Akiko Hada develops visuals within
Terre Thaemlitz‘s performance.
Sachiko M completely emptied the overflowing store of her sampler to
concentrate on a few, prefigured sounds: the result is a ‚free
memory sampler‘ . Erik M creates the sound material with his
favourite tools – recycled vinyl, sampler and 'scissors'.

13.10. = 21h Musik im Klub
POLE (electronics), Berlin
Stefan Bethke aka POLE could be called the inventor of noise-dub.
Like Bernhard Guenter he loves transparent structures and economical
treatment of material. His sound reaches from a warm, analog sound
to an extremely deep, destorted sub-base.

18.10. = 20h MontagsMusik
John Wall (London) – composition, electronics
John Edwards (London) – double bass
Mark Sanders (London) – percussion

Ute Wassermann (Berlin) – voice
Richard Barett (Amsterdam) – electronics (UA)

Amelia Cuni (Berlin) – voice
Paul Schütze (London) – electronics
„The Gazing Energy“ (UA)
John Wall gives his debut at Berlin with the work „Construction
I-IV“, that is in a state of permanent development. At his studio,
musicians improvise with his sound sketches. This, and other material
was the base for further compositional works.
For Richard Barrett, sounds are instruments, of which expression and
structural qualities are to be examined and turned into music. In
cooperation with Ute Wassermann, the most physical and the most
incorporeal instruments meet – voice and computer. Paul Schütze uses
his sound sources to structure rhythmic and melodic material. The
concert combines Amelia Cuni’s voice with digitally manipulated
samples of acoustic instruments.

20.10. = 21h Musik im Klub
Olaf Rupp (electr, e-git), Berlin
What is the opposite of electronic music? Two years ago Olaf Rupp
released his e-guitar from all effect-sets. Here he shows what
he’s doing with the remained electronic sets – with and without guitar.

27.10. = 21h Musik im Klub
Per Henrik Salastog (electr)
Jorgen Knudsen (electr)
Guests: Erik Balke (saxophone), Christian G. Flach (live video)
Architect and Techno-Pioneer Per Henrik Salastog and Jorgen Knudsen
are the Duo INFORMATION. Their music, that moves between
rhythmic-melodic and dark-avantgarde sounds, they call „arctic
ambient sound“. Cooperations in overlapping genres, also with
comuter-graphic designers and authors is inspiring them. Guests are
Christian G. Flach and Erik Balke, who is, like Jorgen Knudsen, a
member of the theatre company BAK-TRUPPEN.

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