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Date: Sun Sep 19 1999 - 07:22:02 EDT

> Discussion of cross-over, techno, and Ars Electronica have raged at various
> times on cecdiscuss. I'm interested in reviews/articles/books that discuss
> these issues. If anyone knows of anything, or has written something, please
> let me know. Perhaps it will be best to respond privately (even if it's easy
> not to!), and I can post a summary to the list.

For those who read Japanese,
there is a very good introduction with reviews of 400 cds
which has just been released :
Avant Music Guide
with articles by Sasaki Atsushi, Miwa Masahiro, Carl Stone,
Kakinuma Toshie, Fujieda Mamoru, Otomo Yoshihide and many others
from Sakuhinsha (

there will be another one,
probably coming out this December,
Future of Techno(logy) Music
from Kimura Shoten
with articles by Sasaki Atsushi, Sawaragi Noi, oval
(and many others, including me)

ICC has published a special issue
Intercommunication No.26
music / noise - 21st.Century Alternatives

by Headz

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