Nubus mac/accel card etc

Subject: Nubus mac/accel card etc
From: John Cousins (
Date: Sat Sep 18 1999 - 18:17:32 EDT

Hello John,

Noticed your question Nubus mac and G3 Processor.
I have installed a Crescendo G3 processor in my 8100 power mac. The mac
drives a full proTools 4.2 TDM system including chassis, and all works
fine. It also is compatible with my other software which includes:

Audiosculpt, Metasysnth, Hyperprism, Alchemy, Soundmaker,the stand alone
GRM tools, and of course Sound Designer.
The only problem I have found, is that GRM tools will not record its
processed files onto hard disk. It does mount and playback tho, so I just
dump its output onto a DAT and then put this data back into the system.....
a little more work, but worth it.
Certainly the added processor speed encourages much more intense work in RAM.

I now work in 8chns (onto a DA38 and Tascam IF-88AE interface) and the
complete system is very stable. I think it will provide a viable instrument
for years....probably for longer than my poor old ears will function.

Yours in obsolescence!

John Cousins

John Cousins
School of Music
University of canterbury
PO BOX 4800

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