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Chris Meloche said:
>Earlier on in this thread, didn't Jim say that there was indeed a part of
>the festival in which non-attendees could have their work featured? I
>believe that it was mentioned that there was a series organized by a
>"curator" and that only the series curator need be present at the concert
>If that is the case, would it not be possible for people who are unable to
>attend to submit their work for consideration of this curator? Or, does
>this curator just solicit works from specific composers and not compile the
>programme from general submissions?
>I think that such a curated concert programme consisting of non-attendees
>could do quite a bit to diffuse (pardon the pun) the ill feelings that some
>people have towards a perception non-inclusiveness.
>Perhaps this could be clarified.

Once again, there are three (3) curated concerts on the festival that don't
require composers to attend (only the curator need be present). At this
time to become a curator you must be invited. What the curator does to
select the works is then their choice. We have had outstanding curated
concerts over the years. Last year, two of the three curated concerts were
from outside the United States.

I hope his clarifies my previous postings. I invite everyone to look at
the festival web site. Perhaps that would clarify some of the questions as

I also am open for anyone at anytime to send their work (SASE if return is
required, non-SASE will be archived in our studio). As I stated
previously, we present four concerts of ea/cm each year not associated with
the festival. Composers are not required to attend this series, Unbalanced
Connection (first one's next Friday (there will be a work from Spain and a
work from Sweden on the event along with student works from our studio). I
look forward to hearing all your music!


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