about the attendance requirement for the 9th. AFEMF

Subject: about the attendance requirement for the 9th. AFEMF
From: Martín (maralefu@usa.net)
Date: Sat Sep 18 1999 - 12:56:33 EDT

I have been following the discussion regarding whether the
mandatory attendance for composers of selected pieces for the
AFEMF (the Florida festival) is correct or not.

First of all, all complaints came from composers who are
residents of developed countries such as Canada or England.
As a resident of a Latinamerican country, I found that a
bit surprising. Residents of the so-called "First World"
countries do have very well-paid universities and institutions,
efficient copyright and perfoming right societies, important
government grants (which are available to composers regardless
if they are freelance or institution-based). The situation is
sometimes completely different in Latinamerica.

Secondly, the distances from Canada or England to Florida are
much less than from Argentina or Uruguay, for instance. This
means lower travel rates.

I attended the 3 last editions of the AFEMF, in one ocassion
with a tremendous effort. Then, the sensitive and generous
"sense of community" of one of Dr. Sain's former students allowed me not to
have any lodging expenses for attending and participating in the 7th. AFEMF.
Other Latinamericans attended the event as well.

In my view, the demanded 85-95% ratio attendance is fair since
it permits sudden and unexpected "last-minute" cancellations
due to sudden and unexpected problems (illness, delay in grant or cash
disbursement, etc.). If any travel funding from the University of Florida for
the AFEMF arises, I believe it should go to composers of the less favoured
countries, like the Latinamerican ones.

The fact that selected composers have to attend the festival has been an
important incentive for me attending and contributing to
the festival. On the other hand, this has benefited several
former students of Dr. Sain in getting in touch directly with
international composers. Some of those former students are very promising
composers: Sammuel Ham, Ron Parks, Neil Flory, and Peter Traub.
The next participation of Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi's radio program in the
SEAMUS EAM week will be devoted to them.

My conclussion is that the attendance requirement for selected composers eased
the growth of the AFEMF.

Best regards,

Martin Fumarola

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