Subject: Florida
From: Alicyn L. Warren (aw2m@unix.mail.virginia.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 16:05:16 EDT

Greetings all,

Regarding the comments about the Florida festival:
I'm a composer working for a university. I did have a piece for piano
and tape performed at the Florida festival Jim Sain puts on, a couple of
years ago. I attended, heard a fine performance of my work and the works
of others, enjoyed meeting other composers ... there was a strong
sense of community. I spent my own money to get there and felt it was
well worth it.

Institutions do give $ for travel, but at most schools, it's not much
each year, even for tenure-track or tenured faculty. And there is a
great deal of pressure to "be active" -- to have your music played and to
travel. Most faculty composers spend a good deal of their own money
traveling around, in order to hold on to their jobs. While composers not
associated with institutions don't get the same support, I think they also
don't have the same demands made on them.

Finally, those of us who do mount concerts and festivals featuring the
work of others know just how much backbreaking work that is. It goes on
for months before the event and often involves a good deal of fund-raising,
even if the funds raised can't cover travel costs for everyone. It's an act
of generosity.

Thanks for listening to my 2 cents,

Alicyn Warren
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