Re: multitrack shareware PC - Samplitude

Subject: Re: multitrack shareware PC - Samplitude
From: Palle Dahlstedt (
Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 08:43:31 EDT

Katharine Norman wrote:
>does anyone out there have experience of using Samplitude? I'm thinking of
>getting CoolEdit Pro also, but ....

I have never tried Cool Edit Pro, but have used Samplitude Studio almost daily the last three years. It's my favorite tool! Very quick and intuitive multitrack editing with all possibilities of customization with shortcuts and markers of every kind. You will never want to go back to Slow Tools again (the thought of it gives me mouse-arm-inflammation). Also a very good implementation of two-track destructive AND multitrack non-destructive editing, working smoothlessly together. Wonderful timestretch, filters and other non-realtime dsp, you won't need a separate two-track editor.

The weak points are the manual, the mixer and the plugin implementation, but I believe they're working on it. The best things are non-realtime-dsp, multitrack editing, crossfade handling, volume and pan curves, and the speed of it all.

That's my opinion.

Palle Dahlstedt

Palle Dahlstedt, composer

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