Re: Data on composers

Subject: Re: Data on composers
Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 07:59:41 EDT

>From: Andres Lewin-Richter <>
>Subject: Data on composers

>- Bowsher, any data of this canadian composer(Sonata pian e forte), =
>first name, year of birth, year of death

There is no listing for 'Bowsher' in the (monumental) Encyclopdia of
Music in Canada (EMC).

>- Istvan Anhalt (1919) (canadian composer still living???)

Istvan lives in Kingston, Ontario, continues to compose, and retired from
teaching a number of years ago. He was one of the first Honorary Members
of the CEC. More information is available from the EMC, and probably from
the Canadian Music Center website.

>- Myron Schaeffer (1905) (canadian compoer still living???)

Myron has 5 'index' references in EMC, but no separate listing. There is
considerable information on his work at UTEMS and with Hugh Le Caine in
Gayle Young's marvelous book on Le Caine, The Sackbut Blues.
(ISBN 0-660-12006-2)



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