Re: Mac with SampleCell used as standalone sampler?

Subject: Re: Mac with SampleCell used as standalone sampler?
From: Chris Rolfe (
Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 01:47:36 EDT

Hey John,

You didn't by chance look into PCI/NuBus expansion cards did you? Sarah
Peebles in Toronto was asking me the other day about whether the expense
(about $1500) was warranted, especially considering the "maybe yes, maybe
no" promises of support that went along with the expansion chassis.



>I have decided to keep my older Nubus Mac with a SampleCell 2 card in it.
>Now I
>am wondering if I can still use it as though it were a standalone sampler.
>anyone know how I could connect the serial port of the Mac with Nubus
>2 to the MIDI chain to allow me to use it as a MIDI slave from my new
>My initlal thought was that I should be able to run my sequencer from my new
>Mac, connect up to my Studio 4, then daisy chain out of the Studio 4 into the
>Mac with the Nubus card in it. Has anybody tried this? I figured I should put
>the question out there for any advice the community could give before I
>tear my
>hair out trying it.
>Thanks in advance.
>John Oliver

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