Re: .pc or mac?

Subject: Re: .pc or mac?
From: Kevin Busby (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1999 - 07:08:20 EDT

"Dr.Godfried-Willem RAES" <> wrote:

>If you dont want to make Microsoft even bigger, check out Linux..., but
>otherwize PC's are the fastest, cheapest and most flexible platform imho.

The question of cheapness and flexibility will probably always remain a
matter of personal perspective (and mailing list contention): the original
enquirer really needs to do a lot of reading up on his subjects of interest
and then raise more specific questions, IMHO.

Speed should not a matter of opinion, however: it can be measured (well, in
theory!). Working from Intel's own benchmarks, Apple claims that "rather
than being just 35% faster, the new Power Mac G4 is up to a stunning 100%
to 200% faster than the fastest Pentium III-based PCs"
( Of course, Intel will try to leapfrog
this, Motorola will up the G4 chip used by the PowerMacs, and so on.
Competition of this sort is good for users of either platform! ;-)



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