Re: Mac with SampleCell used as standalone sampler?

Subject: Re: Mac with SampleCell used as standalone sampler?
From: Joaquin Medina (
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 08:39:58 EDT

At 15:12 14/09/99 -0700, Jhon Oliver wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have decided to keep my older Nubus Mac with a SampleCell 2 card in it.
Now I
>am wondering if I can still use it as though it were a standalone sampler.
>anyone know how I could connect the serial port of the Mac with Nubus
>2 to the MIDI chain to allow me to use it as a MIDI slave from my new
>My initlal thought was that I should be able to run my sequencer from my new
>Mac, connect up to my Studio 4, then daisy chain out of the Studio 4 into the
>Mac with the Nubus card in it. Has anybody tried this? I figured I should put
>the question out there for any advice the community could give before I
tear my
>hair out trying it.
>Thanks in advance.
>John Oliver

I write:


Ive used a powerMac 7100/80 with a SampleCell II card as standalone
sampler, but Ive used an simple MIDI interface connected to a 7100 serial
port, and the MIDI ins and outs of the midi interface to the MIDI outs end
ins of my old Midi Time Piece connected to my beige PowerMac G3. Ive used
the "OMS Thru" utility for redirect the 7100 midi ins and outs to
Samplecell editor. This setup works fine for me, the only "problem" is the
lack of digital out of Samplecell (for me the D/A converters of SampleCell
II are not as good as the my old Pro Tools 442 or as the my Korg 1212 card
coneected to a ProMix 01V using an ADAT bus), but all run fine. I got some
problems when attempting share the Midi Time Piece between the two PowerMacs.
Currently Ivel sell the 7100 complete system and I use the Unity DS-1
software sampler: an excelent (and complex) piece of software but affected
by some hangs, and very RAM hungry but Unity can import Samplecell
Instruments and Akai multisamples (with some difficulty).
I hope this help you.
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