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Subject: Fwd: music for dance
From: CEC (cec@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Tue Sep 14 1999 - 22:48:31 EDT

>The Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada / L'Ecyclopédie de la danse au
>Canada, to be published by Dance Collection Danse Press/es, wishes to
>include an entry on music composed for dance in Canada i.e. Canadian
>composer plus Canadian choreographer or dance company. The publishers
>would like the entry to be as complete and current as possible. For the
>purposes of this listing they are interested in knowing:
>* the name of the composer
>* the title of the dance work
>* the title of the music and year (if different than dance)
>* the name of the choreographer
>* the name of (if applicable) dance company.
>* the date of first performance
>Any other information will be gratefully received and archived at Dance
>Collection Danse. Composers who have composed works for dance or who have
>had existing works used for choreographies are encouraged to send
>information to any of the addresses below before November 24, 1999:
> Michael J. Baker
> #204-680 Queens' Quay West
> Toronto, Ontario
> M5V 2Y9
> TEL/FAX: (416) 260-1956
> mjbaker@interlog.com
>OR, you can enter your information in the form at
http://www.darling11.com/dance »

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