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Subject: Re: EAR '99
From: Mario Gauthier (
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 13:13:02 EDT

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 08:18:53 +0100
From: Istvan Horvath <>
Organization: Hungarian Radio HEAR

EAR '99

Hungarian Radio invites participants to a competition of electroacoustic
music composing in the following categories:
1.Tape music
2.Live electroacustic music A) instrument + tape
                                            B) live performance

The rules of the contest are as follows:
1. Application for the contest is free anybody, with compositions made
after 1 January 1998.
2. The length of the composition could be max. 25 minutes.
3. One participant is allowed to apply in more than one category at the
same time.
4. An independant jury will decide on all the prizes in each category
and the decision of the jury is final.
5. There are two possible prizes in each category which can be shared
or neglected by the jury's decision.
6. Recordings of the compositions can be digital (DAT or CD).
7. The deadline for receiving the compositions is October 17, 1999.
8. In category 2, please enclose recorded materials and the score.
9. Hungarian Radio does not assume any responsibility for those
compositions that arrive after the indicated deadline or those are lost
in meantime.
10. Hungarian Radio returns any material only at the applicants' own
11. Prize-winner compositions will be included in the programme of the
Hungarian Radio.
12. Each participant will ensure the availibility of its entries for one
broadcast, free of charge, by all other participating organizations.
13. Prizes: 1st prize: USD 1500 ; 2nd prize: USD 1000
14. The awarding ceremony will be held on 1st December 1999.
15. Applications should be sent to the following name of contact person
and address:
        EAR 99 - Ms Judit Tóth
        Hungarian Radio
        Bródy Sándor utca 5-7.
        H-1800 Budapest, Hungary
        Tel: +361 328 7085 Fax: +361 328 7450

Mario Gauthier, réalisateur
Émission L'ESPACE DU SON /Chaîne Culturelle FM,
Société Radio-Canada
1400 boulevard René-Lévesque est, 14ème étage
Montréal, Québec
Canada, H2L 2M2

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