American Dreaming

Subject: American Dreaming
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Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 03:07:59 EDT

                               Marc Couroux
                            American Dreaming

                      Sunday, September 12, 9:30 PM
                               Navire Night
                            Radio-Canada 100,7 FM
                             (French network)

Marc Couroux's American Dreaming (1999), a solo work recorded last July
4th at Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal, will be broadcast this Sunday,
September 12th on on Radio-Canada's Navire Night (Helene Prevost,

An homage to the late American filmmaker John Cassavetes lasting just
under an hour, American Dreaming continues an investigation of the
relationship between performer and instrument within a broader attempt to
reinvent (and reintegrate) a contemporary concert ritual.

"All new techniques I've been developing in recent years relate to the
notion of performer-instrument interface, rather than any kind of
"extended" technique involving sounds extraneous to the keyboard. I want
to effectuate a re-splitting of the physical from the sound, to provoke
other links between the body and the instrument. My childhood fascination
with the nature and functioning of my nervous system has now led to a
direct manifestation of this in my music. It has become in effect the
subject of the musical discourse. The "theatre" arises from the
relationship, often conflict, between body and matter, and how body acts
upon matter (and vice-versa)."

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Good listening!

Marc Couroux
2271 Souvenir
Montreal, Quebec
tel/fax: (514) 989-9846

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