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From: David Hirst (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 20:11:24 EDT

We in Australia are witnessing a holocaust on our doorstep - East Timor. The
trouble is the international community must intervene quickly to avert a total
decimation of a people, but seems unwilling to do so. Perhaps this is because
the international community is not aware of what is going on there, or of its
gravity. Here are the latest facts:

Dili has been layed to waist through fire & looting.
Its inhabitants have either fled or been forcibly trucked out by the
There have been mass killings (including priests & nuns).
Unlike Kosovo, the refugees have nowhere to go other than (Indonesian) West
Timor because Timor is an island (some lucky ones have been airlifted to
The military & militias are out of control.
President Habibi has no control over the military.

The UN must act NOW! Australia is willing to be a major part of a
peace-keeping force, so

Please make all of your networks aware of this situation.
Please contact & lobby your own politicians to take action in the UN.
FAX the numbers provided below & your own government's offices with your


martin wesley-smith wrote:

> christophe charles writes:
> >you'll probably blame me again for forwarding
> >off topic information
> The information he sent was about the tragic situation in East Timor:
> >>The situation in East Timor has exacerbated to frightening proportions.
> >>The will of the East Timorese people has been flagrantly and politically
> >>rejected by the Indonesians and their gangster thugs of the militia.
> >>Innocent people's futures and freedom are at stake. No-one with an
> >>understanding of democratic freedom can stand by and watch the
> >>fundamental travesty of human rights as is perpetrated by the continuing
> >>military dictatorship of Indonesia.
> You may be interested to know that several Australian e-a composers,
> including David Hirst and myself, have composed pieces about the plight
> of the East Timorese people. I was prompted by the Australian
> government's de jure recognition of Indonesian sovereignty over this tiny
> ex-Portuguese colony, by the incredible brutality of the Indonesian
> military, and by the extraordinary courage of the East Timorese people.
> See
> Martin Wesley-Smith
> Sydney Conservatorium of Music
> University of Sydney

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