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From: Martín (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 12:22:01 EDT

Hello Adrian,

I bought an issue of Richard Moore's book in the
Cuspide bookshop in Buenos Aires 2 months ago. At that
time, they still had 2 issues on sale. Although I
purchased it offline, it can be ordered online through
their Home Page:

they do have several other electroacoustic and computer
music titles available -including all editions in the
Spanish language such as "Informatica y Electronica
Musical" by Adolfo Nuñez, the computer music bible
for the Spanish speaking community.

Martin Fumarola

"A.J. Moore" <> wrote:
>Looking to purchase a copy of this:
>Moore, F. Richard. - Elements of computer music. - Englewood
>Cliffs, NJ : x x Prentice Hall; London : Prentice-Hall
>International, 1990. - 0132525526
>am informed it's out of print.....
>any news on good second hand or reprint - seems to be a
>seminal text.
>Dr. Adrian Moore tel - 44 (0)114 2220486

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