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Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 05:19:33 EDT

>> >Is this the 'Electronic Music' LP which features Mimaroglu's 'Le Tombeau
>> >d'Edgar Poe'? That was an early 2nd-hand listen for me, too... Yet
>> >surprisingly, he seems to be an unknown name even to many educated
>> >listeners?
>> >
>>It is the very same - that's a wonderful piece - we have one of our music
>>computers named after him here. He's a composer who rarely seems gets a
>Actually, the new issue of Bananafish, of all things, features an
>interview with Mimaroglu and a track by him on the accompanying CD.
>The track on the disc is "Prelude No. 24 for magnetic tape
>('Doomsayer's Doomsday')". The interview is about 8 pages, including
>a couple photos. A small warning though, this magazine is rather
>'out-there' in its trailer trash sort of avant garde hodge podge and
>features a lot of stuff which is probably well outside of the
>interest of many people here, though it also does feature William
>Winant. It might offend a few people, it's very likely to annoy and
>confuse the rest.
>Eric Lanzillotta

Where can you buy 'Bananafish' from (no jokes about underwater grocery
stores please...) and just what are these other "avant garde hodge podge
out-there" articles likely to annoy/offend.... ?


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