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Subject: Re: Fwd: East Timor
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Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 01:49:14 EDT

> >The situation in East Timor has exacerbated to frightening proportions.
> >The will of the East Timorese people has been flagrantly and politically
> >rejected by the Indonesians and their gangster thugs of the militia.
> >Innocent people's futures and freedom are at stake. No-one with an
> >understanding of democratic freedom can stand by and watch the
> >fundamental travesty of human rights as is perpetrated by the continuing
> >military dictatorship of Indonesia.

I think I heard tonight on the news that Indonesia's leader has asked
the army to go about things peacefully, but aren't listening, and
basically the army is out of control. And how do you disarm a
renegade army if they are your own, and without making an even bigger
mess out of things (see Kosovo)?

Eric Lanzillotta

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