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Subject: Job Opp (fwd from Auditory)
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 06:38:21 EDT

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Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 13:56:06 -0400
From: Michael Casey <mkc@MERL.COM>
Subject: Research Opportunity in Audio Classification

Dear Auditory list members,

We are seeking candidates for a research assistant / intern / postdoc
position in audio analysis and classification at MERL in Cambridge
Massachusetts. Knowledge and experience in one or more of the following
areas will be considered a plus:

Auditory scene analysis / segmentation.

Automatic structure discovery.

Classification of auditory objects and scenes, such as environmental
sound, speech and music.

Semantic labeling of auditory objects.

The following skills are highly desirable:

Matlab, C/C++

Audio analysis using STFT, cepstrum, correlogram.

Pattern recognition using NNs, HMMs or Bayesean techniques (e.g. Maximum

Experience with audio files and formats, file conversion, sample rate

Experience with sound in one or more of: speech, natural sound, music.

Good written communication skills.

Ability to work independently on difficult problems.

The successful candidate will likely have a higher degree in a relevant
computational discipline and some experience in a research setting. This
opportunity will be a full time appointment for an initial period of six
months with the possibility of further extension beyond that time.

Student interns and postdocs from outside the US may be eligible for a
temporary work visa.

Please contact Michael Casey for further information.

Michael A. Casey    | M E R L
Research Scientist  | A Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory
617-621-7535fax7550 | 201 Broadway 8th floor Cambridge MA 02139


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