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Subject: Re: [History?]
From: Martín (
Date: Tue Sep 07 1999 - 08:07:56 EDT

KEVIN AUSTIN <> wrote:
>Date: 6 Sep 99 09:05:20 ARST
>From: "Martín" Fumarola <>
>Subject: Re: [Re: Electronic Music]

>I remember those days: every new subscriber was requested
>to make a short self-presentation. The s*bscribe instructions
>appered in the hard-copy versions of Flash! and Contact!
>If my memory is not failing, we are in the fourth
>anniversary of cecdiscuss. It started in early September
>95, is that correct? I was among the first 5 subscribers.
>Martin Fumarola
>Someone with a more accurate memory is sure to remember!
>I recall it being in early-summer ... but for me it's
>almost always early summer, three days before a full moon.
>Ask <>, who cecdiscuss
>to get some of the history of the sequence of joining.

just to let you know that when I first joined cecdiscuss,
it was from my very first email address in the university,
which doesn't exist anymore. Then, I changed my email addresses
several times so each time I had to re-subscribe and unsubscribe,
being this last one not recorded by the majordomo and the "who"
I joined cecdiscuss in September 3, 1995 from the email address
"". There were 3 previous
subscribers at that time.
Kevin, you should take some Memorex...


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