Subject: Fwd: MASSAGE
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 23:04:08 EDT

>MASSAGE v.4.0
>For a stimulating rubdown on new media, music and culture visit MASSAGE
>v.4.0, now on-line.
>In v.4.0 American composer Eric Richards muses on the relationship
>between sound and image; Paul Ryan delves into the recent Photoshop-based
>work of Frank Gillette; Catherine McGovern offers a poetic audio
>chronicle of Dakar; and the Seattle-based performance troupe Powderkeg
>cleans-up in Washington, DC.
>The Project Room features two new works of net.art: Untitled by Erik
>Conrad and 2Choruses by Marjetica Potrc.
>MASSAGE v.4.0 requires Netscape or IE 4.0+.
>MASSAGE is published by NOMADS. For more information contact:

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