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>From: IN%"" 4-SEP-1999 23:23:09.91
>Subj: TAT FAT SIZE TEMPLE || Melbourne > Linz ||

>TAT FAT SIZE TEMPLE || (de)generative observations in sound ||
>a Sound Drifting participant, Ars Electronica 99
>Tat Fat Size Temple (TFST) is an interactive and generative sound
>installation based on the ceremonial practices of the Iban longhouses of
>Sarawak, Malaysia.
>You can listen to a live generative soundscape based on sounds from the
>Rumah Sauh and Rumah Jeli Iban longhouses of Sarawak, Malaysia. These are
>interwoven with sounds from the multilingual streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne,
>You can explore our web-based Interface updated daily with short animations
>of Sarawak, Smith Street (Fitzroy, Melbourne) and an archive of urban icons.
>This installation is live 24 hours a day till 9 September and is being "MP3
>streamed" via a Shoutcast server to the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz,
>On site in Linz sounds are being generated and processed at entry points
>around the globe and emerge as an interconnected sound-installation at
>different festival locations, exploring different potentials of sound
>drifting through physical spaces - from the immersive to the ambient.

>In several existing loudspeaker-systems at different locations in Linz
>(AEC-Skylab, AEC Passage; Brucknerhaus-Cafe; entrance to the ORF/Radio and
>TV-building) Sound Drifting will appear in the form of special ambient
>background mixes, which will be produced at the OK.
>At the MEDIADECK of the OK Centrum fur Gegenwartskunst 00 at Linz, SOUND
>DRIFTING becomes an immersive sound-installation, which integrates webcams
>from other locations and the display of individual streams from all locations.

>TAT FAT SIZE TEMPLE is best seen from 6pm to 1am EST from 55 Smith Street,
>Fitzroy, Melbourne.
>Concept, Design and Production by Toy Satellite in collaboration with RMIT
>University's Centre for Animation and Interactive Media (AIM), with support
>from Museum Victoria, Cinemedia and c2o (Community Communications Online).
>Dedicated to the people of the Rumah Sauh and Rumah Jeli Iban longhouses of
>Sarawak, Malaysia.

>To view and listen to TFST you will require:
>- Flash 4 Plugin
>- Winamp (MP3 Player)
> andrew garton | e.
> t o y s a t e l l i t e | w.
> | t. 61 3 9486 9764
> | f. 61 3 9486 9765

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