Re: Electronic Music

Subject: Re: Electronic Music
Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 06:59:31 EDT

Stephen continued ...

>i think this is the first time that a subscriber to this list has had a
>special List welcome


Well ... maybe not. In the heady early days, many new subscribers
announced their presence. There are around 350 _very_ distinguished
individuals on this list, to all of whom, our warmest welcome (sadly
belated in many cases!).



>hhmmm, can't seem to think of a single Canadian unimportant enough *not*
>to be welcomed in a similar fashion though, so in the future, if all
>Canadians would please announce their intention to subscribe before
>doing so, i will be delighted to personally extend to each and every one
>of you a hearty welcome to the List, and give you the benefit of the
>special status each of you deserve.

You are quite right! The ea/cm community is vital and vibrant. People
have come to know each other in ways that were completely impossible even
ten years ago. In a 1970 interview, McLuhan said that soon the world
would be run from computers in people's homes ... and he was refering to
telephone and teletype communication.

It has frequently been said that 'electronic communication' is reducing
the 'real' nature of community by cutting out in-person, human contact.
Having thought about this for a couple of years, I am coming to the
conclusion that this idea is not particularly correct. It seems to me
that with (almost) daily communications within the ea/cm community, there
is much greater contact and developing understanding than was possible
when contact was by posted letter and the occasional conference.

Glenn Gould presaged the age of electroacoustics for the concert artist
... maybe it has something to do with living siz months of the year in
blowing snow and freezing temperatures ... not to mention watching out
for polar bears on the sidewalks! <<<8-(])>>>>o*>>>


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