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Subject: Re: Electronic Music
From: Stephen Rieck (
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 21:05:12 EDT

Javier Ruiz wrote:
> >Please add my name to the list.
> >Regards.Andres Lewin-Richter
> I would like to welcome Mr. Lewin-Richter to this list as he is one of the
> most important Spanish electroacoustic composers.
> Bienvenido, Sr. Lewin-Richter.
> --
> Javier Ruiz, compositor
> Cno. Piedra Pómez, 2.
> 38260 Tejina
> Santa Cruz de Tenerife
> Teléfono: 34 922 54 29 31 (casa/trabajo)
> e-mail:
i think this is the first time that a subscriber to this list has had a
special List welcome, aside from majordomo's regards isn't it?
it's good to create a friendly precedent welcoming those who are
important enough to deserve such status on CECdiscuss.
hhmmm, can't seem to think of a single Canadian unimportant enough *not*
to be welcomed in a similar fashion though, so in the future, if all
Canadians would please announce their intention to subscribe before
doing so, i will be delighted to personally extend to each and every one
of you a hearty welcome to the List, and give you the benefit of the
special status each of you deserve. ;-)
- Stephen Rieck <>

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