Re: Still looking for an AT 822

Subject: Re: Still looking for an AT 822
From: Javier Ruiz (
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 12:31:29 EDT

Why dont you buy it on-line? They have it in and other
places. They also have the AT825, if you want balanced output.
I guess you will have to pay VAT at receiving it.
I have becoming tired of paying a surcharge for the same product so if I
know what I want I always buy on-line.

Also check the Sony ECM-MS957, that have 1/8" connector for Minidiscs and
runs on "AA" batteries.

Hope it helps.


> Greetings,
> I'm still looking for an Audio Technica AT 822 microphone or equivalent,
> second hand, or for adresses where I could find one at a good price,
> in the EEC.
> This microphone is convenient because it can be used on a MiniDisc
> recorder.
> Thanks in advance,
> Geoffroy

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