EAR '99

Subject: EAR '99
From: Anomalous Records Eric (eric@anomalousrecords.com)
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 15:23:20 EDT

At 2:28 PM +0100 9/4/99, Istvan Horvath wrote:
>EAR '99
>Hungarian Radio invites participants to a competition of electroacoustic
>music composing in the following categories:
>1.Tape music
>2.Live electroacustic music A) instrument + tape
> B) live performance
>The rules of the contest are as follows:
>1. Application for the contest is free anybody, with compositions made
>after 1 January 1998.
>2. The length of the composition could be max. 25 minutes.
>3. One participant is allowed to apply in more than one category at the
>same time.
>4. An independant jury will decide on all the prizes in each category
>and the decision of the jury is final.
>5. There are two possible prizes in each category which can be shared
>or neglected by the jury's decision.
>6. Recordings of the compositions can be digital (DAT or CD).
>7. The deadline for receiving the compositions is October 17, 1999.
>8. In category 2, please enclose recorded materials and the score.
>9. Hungarian Radio does not assume any responsibility for those
>compositions that arrive after the indicated deadline or those are lost
>in meantime.
>10. Hungarian Radio returns any material only at the applicants' own
>11. Prize-winner compositions will be included in the programme of the
>Hungarian Radio.
>12. Each participant will ensure the availibility of its entries for one
>broadcast, free of charge, by all other participating organizations.
>13. Prizes: 1st prize: USD 1500 ; 2nd prize: USD 1000
>14. The awarding ceremony will be held on 1st December 1999.
>15. Applications should be sent to the following name of contact person
>and address:
> EAR 99 - Ms Judit Tóth
> Hungarian Radio
> Bródy Sándor utca 5-7.
> H-1800 Budapest, Hungary
> Tel: +361 328 7085 Fax: +361 328 7450
> E-mail: tothju@bartok.radio.hu

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