Re: K&D needs composer/label help

Subject: Re: K&D needs composer/label help
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 08:39:03 EDT

At 08:28 AM 9/4/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>-- especially
>>since a [...] composer (not even one represented on our site!) is using
>>the new law to threaten our sponsors, and pull the plug on the show archive.
>Care to provide a name?

I'm reluctant because he's been a hair trigger, using every opportunity for
continued harassment over the past year. He's a wealthy instrumental
composer who has 2 vanity recordings out on his label and 2 pieces recorded
on Vienna Modern Masters. Originally a contributor to K&D, he took offense
at something we said on the show (who doesn't?) and has begun a legal
campaign basically aimed at exhausting us.

The U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act is the perfect tool for him,
because the bulk of our show archive predates this unusual retroactive law.
We've been asking for clearances with new material, but archived clearances
has been a pretty relaxed process -- until now. The K&D archive represents
little real economic threat (the law's reason for existence) with our 28.8
mono-only RealAudio stream, but it's technically in violation as of last

Anyway, if I mention his name, he'll probably find a legal reason to sue us
for libel as well.


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