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From: Ian Chuprun (ianc@sympatico.ca)
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 A couple of recent reviews...


Splendid E-Zine wrote:

> SPLENDID E-ZINE...Week of August 30, 1999


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> AT A GLANCE (our weekly collection of shorter reviews)
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> Jocelyn Robert / Canned Gods / OHM Editions/DAME (CD)
> On this relatively short outing, Jocelyn Robert has composed
> a symphony of sound effects -- an assortment of vivid
> sound-snapshots assembled from, apparently, pre-produced
> audio material. These tracks run the gamut from street
> ambience to animal sounds, mixing human and mechanical
> interaction into a sort of iconographic stew. Don't assume
> that this is "natural" sound, though -- for while the disc's
> subtitle describes these tracks as "a typical afternoon in
> the backyard in Phoenix, Arizona," it must be Phoenix as
> envisioned by Salvador Dali. As with all Ohm releases,
> Canned Gods is an intriguing and thought-provoking work of
> aural art -- perfect for listeners who've gone without a
> challenge for too long. -- gz

> Kathy Fleischmann / Ten Doors Down / Chess With Death (CD)
> An electro-acoustic offering that’s principally concerned
> with spotlighting the confident vocals of Kathy Fleischmann,
> Ten Doors Down ranges from gentle to rockin’. With over 10
> years of bluesy-folk experience, Fleischmann’s not afraid to
> belt out a stinging emotional line of lyrics, and then take
> a sharp turn on the acoustic guitar and sing a melodic
> chorus. Combine Chrisse Hynde’s independent rock ethos with
> the intelligent, mind-numbing poignancy of Joni Mitchell and
> you get the very talented Ms. Fleischmann, guitar in hand
> and armed to the teeth with stellar lyrics. -- am

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