One-day Symposium Announcement 11 Sept 1999.

Subject: One-day Symposium Announcement 11 Sept 1999.
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Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 10:36:21 EDT


To coincide with the launch of the new MA Sonic Arts degree,
Middlesex University is organising a one-day Symposium:

'What is Sonic Art?'

Speakers include:

Clarence Barlow
Cathy Lane
Katharine Norman
Janek Schaefer

Plus a performance by 'tractor' (Martin Robinson and Andrew Deakin) and a
plenary session.

11 September 1999.
10.30am - 4.30pm. (Registration at 10.00am).

Cat Hill Campus, Middlesex University (North London).

25UKP (12.50UKP concessions) vegetarian buffet lunch included.

For further information/booking contact:
Dr. John Dack
tel. 0181 362 5109


What is Sonic Art?

Sound mediated by technology contributes significantly to many distinct art
forms. Any definition of Sonic Art must acknowledge this diversity. It is
safe to assume that the languages of electroacoustic music will always
occupy a privileged position in the development of Sonic Art. Common
historical, aesthetic and technical issues ensure mutually beneficial forms
of interaction.

However, sensitivity to sound and an awareness of its communicative
potential are not the sole prerogatives of composers.

Practitioners of installation art, radiophonic art, dance, concrete poetry,
video art can all legitimately claim that they also participate in the
evolution of Sonic Art. For example, few artists can be better qualified to
comment on the articulation of space than dancers or the potential of
non-verbal narrative than radio artists.

The symposium at Middlesex University poses a question that is not entirely
rhetorical. Each speaker will offer a personal explanation of their
and theory. These will no doubt contradict or corroborate the opinions of
each member of the audience. But one thing is certain: a unanimous answer
unlikely - perhaps even undesirable.

The dynamic and challenging nature of contemporary Sonic Art thrives on
multiplicity. This is not a reason for censure; it is instead a cause for


Andrew Deakin
BA and MA Sonic Arts Course Leader
Centre for Electronic Arts
Middlesex University
Cat Hill

tel: +44 (0)181 362 5109
Sonic Arts Website :

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