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Subject: Re: How to find the lowest book price
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 09:21:52 EDT

a message to or com usually does it.
But its a good idea if you do a NSlookup befor to make sure the server name
in the headeres of the message is correct and not a false one. Many
spammers use false Name Servers, so if you can get the name server your
doing good if not I would simply let it be it will eventually go away like
a child does.
Just dont ever reply to spam as its a conferm that you exist and then its
all over for you!!! Also if the person is using a provider that resales
service from say a place like PSI you can kill the spam by sending the a
copy of the email to
example gets a copy of the message with a request some where
in the body of the messgae preferably at the top befor the acctual message
good luck...


At 01:15 PM 9/2/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>>No more spam please!
>>As in spam'n'eggs, spam'n'chips, spam'n'peas, spam'n'chips'peas,
>>spam'spam'eggs'n'chips ? What would the full Monty say?
>According to some sources, that is the etymology!
>Kevin B
>PS I always complain to the postmaster of the originating site (where
>traceable) and the ISP of any quoted website (not always easy to track
>down, but can be
>helpful). This seems to be the most effective way of getting spammers'
>accounts closed.
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> No to GE crops.

Neil Wiernik

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