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Subject: Cyberslag Foundation
From: Jeroen de Boer (
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 08:51:15 EDT

Dear Sir or Madam:

The Open Electronic Festival is an annual multiple-day event that
focuses on electronic music and media art. The festival is organised
by the Cyberslag Foundation (grounded in 1998), and takes place in the
City of Groningen, The Netherlands. Besides organising the festival
the Foundation also organises concerts and exhibitions throughout the
year on several locations in Groningen.

The main focus of the Cyberslag Foundation is presenting an overview
of both traditional and actual developments in the electronic arts. We
are internationally oriented and are interested in all electronic

As music director of the Cyberslag Foundation this means I'm as much
interested in classical electronics as in intelligent techno and
everything in between. Featured festivalartists are among other:
Scanner, David Shea, Evan Parker/Joel Ryan, Dutch Institute of
Sonology, Michel Waisvisz (STEIM), Jon Rose, Miya Masaoka and Laetitia
Sonami. The performance-program of last year's festival can be seen at
our website

For our third festival (December 2000), plus other events (October
1999-october 2000), we're looking for artists who might be interesting
for us to be part of the program. I would like to ask you to keep us
informed about artists, releases and performance-schedules. The
deadline for separate events in the October 1999-October 2000 period
is flexible. Contact us for detailed information. The deadline for the
December 2000 festival is set for May 31, 2000.

Recordings (CD, tape, MD, vinyl, video pal/ntsc), biographies and
other information can be sent to:

Cyberslag Foundation
Jeroen de Boer/music director
Munnekeholm 10
9711 JA Groningen
The Netherlands

Tel. 0031 (0)50-3637513
Fax. 0031 (0)50-3632209

Information on the World Wide Web:

I'm looking forward to receiving your material.


Jeroen de Boer

Jeroen de Boer
co-director Cyberslag Foundation
music director Open Electronic Festival
Munnekeholm 10
9711 JA Groningen, The Netherlands
tel. 0031 (0)50-3637513
fax. 0031 (0)50-3632209

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