SAN Journal of Electroacoustic Music

Subject: SAN Journal of Electroacoustic Music
From: Pete Stollery (
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 06:30:25 EDT


Sonic Arts Network, the national UK body promoting electroacoustic music, publishes an annual journal for its members.

There has been much debate recently about how comfortably the different aesthetics within the world of sonic art sit together as well as how sonic art draws on the influence of other art forms. For the next issue of the Journal of Electroacoustic Music, which will be published in April 2000, the theme will be:
Cross-pollenation in Sonic Art.

Articles on this theme, as well as on any aspect of sonic art/electroacoustic music in its widest possible context, will be considered for publication.

Please send articles in English by email, in rich text format to:

DEADLINE for submissions:

1st February 2000

Dr. Pete Stollery
Northern College
Hilton Place

tel: 01224 283601
fax: 01224 283576

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