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September 1999

                                J O S H U A S E L M A N

                                     "Off The Grid"

                              S o l o E x h i b i t i o n

              9 September - 2 October at Lance Fung Gallery, 537 Broadway, NYC

                           RECEPTION THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 6-8

                        Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 - 6

        Off The Grid, a multi-media, action and process based exhibition by
Joshua Selman opens September 9th at Lance Fung Gallery. Mr. Selman has
shown repeatedly with Lance Fung Gallery since its opening year. Off The
Grid includes a sonic event made from mutilated electric guitars and other
live, sound emitting devices planted in soil, salt, ice, wood or other
naturally occurring substances. The amplified planting is performed at the
opening reception and sends off a beautiful sound event capturing such
sonic details as friction between organic materials and disturbances
between electronic objects planted within them.

        Set off from the planting, a floor installation of a twenty foot
triangular lattice made from cut pine trees is up-ended over soil, minerals
and other natural deposits. Along a tradition first associated with artists
like Smithson or Long, the artist has collected the cuttings at a chosen
site and recontexted them in the gallery. The triangular pine structure
combines with a two hundred square foot wall installation showing hundreds
of color prints made with samples of rotting wood from infested trees,
lichen feeding on living evergreens, bark dust, tree roots, moss and other
by-products of a decaying forest put directly on the glass bed of a
computer scanner for output. As duo-tones, the prints unify in rough color
bands: brown-green-red-yellow and blue. The loosely arranged color bands
unite as a singular horizon view.

        Conceptually, the exhibit's focus is on the process of roaming
between rural, urban and electronic terrains. About Off The Grid, Mr.
Selman says "These days they're re-cabling the entire planet. You feel a
de-stabilizing effect. But, this anticipates our journey. We're roaming
within structures more flexible than the prefabricated urban container." A
slightly different definition, "off the grid" is a term used today by a
growing segment of the population attempting to sever its dependence on the
support grid behind industrial civilization. The cult lifestyle has even
made its own industry of products for living off the grid. Whether or not
this is possible, a growing human desire to go beyond the reduction of all
phenomena to elements within a material grid seems to be timely. Mr. Selman
admits he feels centering in the urban grid is obsolete and, in the
exhibit, draws from his own desire to expand beyond its domain.

        His previous project, Full Message, exhibited at Lance Fung Gallery
in Spring of '98, is documented in Künstforum and Kölner Arts Magazine.
Pieces from Full Message were collected and displayed by The Whitney Museum
Of American Art, The Ultimate Akademie, Köln and The Artists Project,
Berlin. Also in '98, Mr. Selman was included in The Malsch Exhibition,
Munich and The Concrete Signal, York, Pennsylvania. Upcoming exhibitions of
Full Message are at The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Lake Worth, Florida and
The Triton Museum, California. He has works with The Stamp Collection, New
York, The Artists Museum, Tel Aviv, Vanguard Visions, New York and was
commissioned in '98 by Australian Broadcast Corporation to make a radio
work at The Bridge, Construction In Process, Melbourne, Australia as a
participating artist. A national broadcast takes place in September '99.

Lance Fung Gallery, 537 Broadway, NY, NY 10012
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                     -- J E S S I C A H I G G I N S --

                  "How It Sometimes Goes In Kangaroo Land"

                              Solo Exhibition

     9 September - 2 October 1999 at Emily Harvey Gallery, 537 Broadway, NYC
        Reception for the artist: Thursday, 9 September, 6-8 PM
                   Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 - 6

Emily Harvey is proud to present a solo exhibition by Jessica Higgins titled
How It Sometimes Goes In Kangaroo Land. The exhibition opens Thursday,
September 9th. Emily Harvey Gallery is the main American gallery
representing such vintage Fluxus artists as Alison Knowles, Emmett
Williams, Philip Corner, and the late Dick Higgins.

How It Sometimes Goes In Kangaroo Land is based on a pattern poem titled
Long Tail For Jessie. Published in Dick Higgins' classic 1979 book, Some
Recent Snow Flakes, it was inspired by a telephone conversation in which
Ms. Higgins told her father "and that's how it sometimes goes in Kangaroo
Land." Her exhibition opens a window to the private world this artist
shared with her father.

The installation includes white cloth chairs suspended or placed on
platforms. On the chairs Ms. Higgins has screen-printed correspondence and
pattern poems including the poem Long Tail For Jessie. The prints magnify
texts and transform the chairs into pages torn from a book. Mimicking
mammal forms, the chairs play on the idea of materialized nonsense
characteristic of a tradition that extends from the work of Lewis Carroll
through works from the Fluxus family into which Jessica Higgins was born.

Additionally, Ms. Higgins has used the title How it Sometimes Goes In
Kangaroo Land, as the basis of a thousand page anagrammatic text. All one
thousand pages are presented along with pages she chose to put through a
blue print machine and output as six foot scrolls of white text on blue

Jessica Higgins' previous solo exhibition titled Riddles was presented at
Lance Fung Gallery in Spring 1998.

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