How to find the lowest book price

Subject: How to find the lowest book price
From: Smart Bookshopper (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 13:53:29 EDT

Smart book shoppers always compare prices before they buy. This is
not about the money but about the intelligence.

You are invited to check out a great book price comparison engine

Smartbookshopper will check 34 online book stores to collect the prices and
availabilities of a book. All these are done
in real time. Also, it will give you all of the shipping methods
of each book store. In most case, you will be given about 80-90 options so
that you can make informed choice.

Even more, when you need to buy multiple books, smartbookshopper
provides you with a book cart so that you can compare multiple
books. Most sites will compare only one book. We compare more!

Try it out! Click one button and be a smartbookshopper!

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