Re: Urban Soundscape update

Subject: Re: Urban Soundscape update
From: ag (
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 02:23:59 EDT


You may be interested in this:

TAT FAT SIZE TEMPLE collides urban soundscapes from Melbourne with rural
sounds from Sarawak, Malaysia. We start streaming 1 Sept.

I have some excellent urban-scapes, but won't have time to cobble a tape
together for you until we're through with this installation... great
project, by the way.


At 06:47 AM 8/27/99 -0500, Chris Meloche wrote:
>Just another quick note regarding the project.... Many interesting
>recordings have arrived so far. I'm presently in the process of designing
>the Web site for the project as well as outlining the order of clips for
>the radio broadcast.


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