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Subject: SY2K - Call for Participation
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Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 02:16:08 EDT

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SEAMUS Y2K The AcousmaTeX Conference
2000 National Conference of
The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States

CEMI: Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
University of North Texas College of Music
Denton, Texas

March 9-11, 2000


(***NOTE: Please consult the website at for detailed submission

The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States [SEAMUS] is
pleased to announce the 2000 SEAMUS National Conference, to be held at the
University of North Texas (UNT) College of Music in Denton, Texas. Current
SEAMUS members as well as any United States citizen, legal resident, or
student currently studying in the US may submit works for consideration
for the conference. Composers are invited to submit up to two works for
consideration. Submissions for research and technical papers, panel
discussions and technical demonstrations are also requested. Student
submissions are encouraged in all categories.

As our conference title "SEAMUS Y2K: The AcousmaTex Conference" implies,
the conference theme is "Sound in Motion," and submissions that directly
address sound diffusion and spatialization are strongly encouraged. We
also welcome video and multimedia works (with multi-channel sound
capabilities) as well as installations or sound environments.

Numerous UNT ensembles and performers are planning to perform.
The ensembles include:
        UNT Chamber Orchestra
        UNT Canticum Novum Singers
        UNT Symphonic Band
        UNT Zebras Lab Band
        UNT Nova New Music Ensemble

In addition, smaller chamber ensembles and soloists will be available to
perform works. Specific guest performers required by the composer must be
provided by the composer. Composers are encouraged to provide their own
performers if possible. Composers and presenters are expected to provide
their own computers and all electronic hardware and software required for
their performances and presentations. CEMI will provide sound
production/diffusion systems as well as a new Yamaha Disklavier grand
piano. The performance spaces and sound diffusion systems available will
*Lyric Theater 18-channel sound system (16 channels plus 2 bass bins)
*Winspear Auditorium 10- (possibly 14- or 18-) channel sound system
        (8, 12, or 16 channels plus 2 bass bins)
*Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater (MEIT) 12-channel sound system
        and floor-to-ceiling projection screens on three walls
*Sky Theater 5-channel sound system with a real-time star projection
        system (4 channels plus 1 bass bin)

Composers and authors whose works are selected for SEAMUS99 are required
to attend the conference. Should a composer or author be unable to attend
the conference their work will not be presented.

Deadline for all submissions (postmark): October 1, 1999
(Submissions postmarked on time, but received after October 10, 1999 will
not be considered for presentation.)

Send submissions to:
        SEAMUS Y2K: The AcousmaTex Conference
        CEMI: Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
        University of North Texas College of Music
        PO Box 311367
        Denton, TX 76203-1367

For additional information, please contact:
        Snail mail: (same address as Submissions)
        VOX: (940) 369-7531
        FAX: (940) 565-2002 (ATTN: SEAMUS Y2K)

***The most current information regarding SEAMUS (including membership)
and the SEAMUS Y2K Conference is located on the SEAMUS web site:

Please consult the web page data for updates and changes. The data on the
web page will be considered the official version for the SEAMUS Y2K

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