Canadian Music for Dance

Subject: Canadian Music for Dance
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Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 09:39:50 EDT


The Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada, to be published by Dance
Collection Danse, wishes to include an entry on music composed for dance in
Canada. The publishers would like the entry to be as complete and current
as possible. For the purposes of this listing, they are interested in knowing:
 -the name of the composer
-the title of the the work (and name of the composition if different)
-the year of first performance
-the name of the choreographer and (if applicable) dance company

Any other information will be gratefully received and archived at Dance
Collection Danse. Composers who have composed works for dance or who have
had existing works used for choreographies are encouraged to send
information to any of the addresses below, before November 24, 1999:

Michael J. Baker Heidi Strauss John Sherlock
#204, 680 Queens' Quay West 115 Major St. 96 Spadina Ave, #505
Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2Y9 M5S 2K9 M5V 2J6

tel/fax: (416)260-1956

Information can be sent directly by visiting

Please pass this on to other composers and choreographers.


Michael J.Baker

Darren Copeland


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