Re: Urban Soundscape update

Subject: Re: Urban Soundscape update
From: dave solursh (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 08:19:29 EDT

Hi Chris, compared to UK I live right around the corner from you, in the
Collingwood area. I would love to send in a clip or two. I am leaving
tonight for a week of sound recording and workshops in Killaloe Park. when
I get back I will put something to gether and get it off to you. What
types of sounds or enviornments do you feel you a missing? I see what I
have and try to fill in any holes. Talk to you when I am back on Sat the
4th. Dave.

PS.. Oh I just remembered I have a real cool clip of frogs in a near by
swamp during mateing season, hot levels, and if you listen closely, you can
hear dogs barking and cars going by. A neat mix, is this apropriate?

>Just another quick note regarding the project.... Many interesting
>recordings have arrived so far. I'm presently in the process of designing
>the Web site for the project as well as outlining the order of clips for
>the radio broadcast.
>I will be able to accept recordings for another few weeks but, I'd
>appreciate it if people could notify me if they have a recording on the way
>(or plan to send one soon). I'd like to be able to work it into the scheme
>of things as I continue preparations. I'm particularly heavy on recordings
>from the UK and hope that there will soon be more from the North America,
>South America, Africa, Asia etc... as I'd like to have representation of
>sounds from all around the world.
>Looking forward to hearing more clips for the project soon.
>Chris Meloche


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