Urban Soundscape update

Subject: Urban Soundscape update
From: Chris Meloche (cmeloche@julian.uwo.ca)
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 07:47:30 EDT


Just another quick note regarding the project.... Many interesting
recordings have arrived so far. I'm presently in the process of designing
the Web site for the project as well as outlining the order of clips for
the radio broadcast.

I will be able to accept recordings for another few weeks but, I'd
appreciate it if people could notify me if they have a recording on the way
(or plan to send one soon). I'd like to be able to work it into the scheme
of things as I continue preparations. I'm particularly heavy on recordings
from the UK and hope that there will soon be more from the North America,
South America, Africa, Asia etc... as I'd like to have representation of
sounds from all around the world.

Looking forward to hearing more clips for the project soon.

Chris Meloche

A global sonic event curated by Chris Meloche

The "Millennium Urban Soundscape Project" is designed to form a sonic
time-capsule of city life at the end of the Twentieth Century. It is
during the last century of this millennium that the greatest growth of
urban centers has taken place. For example, if one were to have stood at
the main intersection of their city in 1899, the sounds that they would
have heard would have been totally different than those that occur today.
The sounds of dirt roads and horse hooves have been replaced with the
sounds of modern car tires on asphalt.

Project purpose: To create a sonic snapshot of city sounds at the end of
the Twentieth Century.

Call for submissions: I am presently seeking contributions of urban sonic
soundscapes from persons around the globe. Submissions should be no longer
than 2 minutes in length (up to 2 clips per contributor). Recordings should
consist of raw, unprocessed urban environmental sounds which the recordist
finds interesting (sonic sanctuaries to aural blights - street sounds,
malls, train stations, subways, zoos, parks, offices, markets etc...
outside, inside... wherever). A brief description of the tape (i.e.
location and why it is of particular interest) should be included.
Submission media can be DAT, cassette or CD-R. In keeping with the spirit
of documenting the end of the Twentieth Century, tapes should consist of
sounds recorded during the 1990s. Sounds do not have to come from the city
where the contributor resides but, can be collected from their travels.

Project diffusion: The final edited work (approximately 2 to 3 hours in
duration) will be diffused in two manners. The complete work will be
locally broadcast over the facilities of CHRW-FM (London, Ontario, Canada)
as well as globally via their RealAudio Internet feed at the end of October
1999. Coinciding with this event will be a Web site which will document the
soundscapes and contributors included in the MUSP. Note: All contributions
will be used solely for non-commercial purposes.

Submission deadline: Can accept recordings until September 15th provided I
am notified they are being sent.

Submissions or enquiries can be forwarded to:

P.O. BOX 1403, STN. A
E-MAIL cmeloche@julian.uwo.ca

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