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From: Ian Chuprun (ianc@sympatico.ca)
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 21:47:34 EDT

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kunstradio wrote:

> >
> >your milestone in our soundscape
> >On the 9 th of the 9 th 1999 at 9 AM and 9 PM local time
> >we would like you to take a 9 minute
> >acoustical snapshot of the local soundscape.
> >That is a sound recording of your immediate environment...
> >HOW to put your place on the acoustic map of the world.
> >Whoever you are, where ever you are
> >(at home, at work, on the move),
> >just open your window and place your microphones
> >in such a way that they will capture your soundscape.
> >Although we do prefer CDR or MD, any recording format (including cassette)
> >will do ofcourse.
> >On the 9 th of the 9 th 1999
> >at 9 o'clock in the morning local time start your recorder.
> >For the human reference, count form 1 to 9 in your native language.
> >Then wait for 9 minutes to pass, then stop the recording.
> >Repeat the same procedure at 9 o'clock in the evening.
> >Label your cassette, or disk, or tape with the following information.
> >1) the coordinates of your location where the recording were made.
> >That could be in the form of Country, City, Street and/or GPS.
> >2) the type of recording equipment and microphones used.
> >Please put this information also on the envelope
> >in which you send your recording.
> >
> >Send the recording (you pay for postage) to:
> >
> >PO.BOX 9
> >1000 AA Amsterdam
> >If you wish you can also tell us your name, gender, age
> >and anything you believe is worthwhile to know
> >about the place you just recorded.
> >Why it is special, or why not. Why you like it, or why not.
> >While recording you don't need to be silent,
> >just behave as you would normally.
> >Just record as if you wouldn't record it.
> >The sound of everyday life as everyday life sounds.
> >WHY?
> >Do you remember what your own place sounded like 9 years ago?
> >We do not take pictures for the past,
> >we take them to be able to look back in time.
> >At present there is no global reference of our sounding world.
> >By taking a snapshot now, we can refer to it later.
> >All recordings will be archived, indexed and available for reference.
> >
> >Please forward this message to a friend.
> >Thank you for taking part.
> >Have a 9th day!
> >
> >for more information info@klankschap.nl

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