Fwd: Wiretap 5.08: Distributed Vibes

Subject: Fwd: Wiretap 5.08: Distributed Vibes
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 12:32:04 EDT

>Wiretap 5.08: Distributed Vibes
>An experimental evening about sound art and electronic networks
>Date: Friday, 3 September 1999, 20.30 hrs
>Location: V2_, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam
>Entrance: HFL 7,50
>19.30 - doors open
>20.30 - lecture Howard Slater/UK - Post-media Operators
>21.00 - presentation Kodwo Eshun/UK + DJ Sir Djuke en VJ Phonk
>22.00 break
>22.15 - presentation Edwin van der Heide/NL
>22.30 - concert Sensorband: Area/Puls
>23.15 - DJ Sir Djuke en VJ Phonk
>During and after the programme there is an opportunity to check out
>selected online audio interfaces and projects on several computer terminals.
>One of the most exciting current developments in the field of media art is
>the discovery of the Internet by sound artists. Projects are not only
>broadcast via the Net, but the Net is simultaneously the instrument,
>distribution channel and means of communication through which international
>co-operations are being realised. The Wiretap 5.08 programme explores this
>development through presentations and live performances.
>There is a chance to hear a lecture about 'Post-media Operators' by Howard
>Slater - whose body is physically absent while his voice is technologically
>present - in which Slater talks about the new conditions of artistic
>productions. In post-media, the verticality of the mass media has been
>replaced by the horizontality of digital, networked environments where a
>growing number of artists have access to the means of production,
>co-operation and distribution.
>Kodwo Eshun, music theorist and author of 'More Brilliant Than the Sun:
>Adventures in Sonic Fiction', presents recent developments in the field of
>electronic music and network technology. Eshun elaborates the
>inter-relations of technological and aesthetical paradigms in popular
>music. His presentation is supported by contributions of DJ Sir Djuke en VJ
>The second part of the evening features a presentation and live-performance
>by the Sensorband for which they make use of oscillators and the Net. Edwin
>van der Heide performs live in the V2_Building, while Atau Tanaka and
>Zbigniew Karkowski contribute to the performance from another location,
>linked to the V2_Building by an Internet connection. The communication
>between the members of the Sensorband and video images of the performers
>can be followed on a video projection.
>Howard Slater: Break/Flow - http://c8.com
>Edwin van der Heide - http://www.knoware.nl/users/heide
>ORANG - http://orang.orang.org
>Han Speckens - http://geneticmusic.com/
>Jerome Joy (experimental lab and on-line musical platform) -
>audio:channel - http://www.channel.org.uk/audio
>Hans Timmermans - Distributed Sound Labs -
>Keith Netto - Sonicform - http://www.anat.org.au/projects/dicc/index.html
>Kouichirou Eto / ARTLAB: SoundCreatures - http://www.canon.co.jp/cast/
>Mark Amerika - http://phoneme.walkerart.org - http://www.grammatron.com
>Eendrachtsstraat 10
>NL-3012 XL Rotterdam
>tel: 31.(0)10.206.7272
>e-mail: v2@v2.nl
>URL: http://www.v2.nl/wiretap

Yves Gigon

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