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Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 07:30:00 EDT

Thank you.

Joseph wrote in part ...

>Since I have been on this list for the past three years, there has been very
>little to no discussion of music that does not come under the banner of
>academia/"art music"(besides for the Aphex Twins affair).


IMV, it's a question of pitch <-> spectrum, beat <-> time, performer <->
fixed medium, as underlying basics. Works like Wishart's 'Vox' cycle
exploit all six domains with great virtuosity. Some people work more
closely to the pitch/beat/performer region, others in other places.

>I know that many out here will feel that these artists/idioms have no place
>for serious discusssion out here, but I would disagree. Serious music is
>serious music, whether it is produced in a basement, Electric Lady Land, Bell
>Labs, or Columbia University.

For me, it's less a sense that "... [these] artists/idioms have no place
for serious discussion ... ", than my propensity for particular regions
of the three-dimensional model.

Certain places in this model are more easily 'documented' on paper, and
cognates turn up in CMJ and OS. Other regions rely heavily on "... what I
was doing with who[m], at the time ..." as read in group interviews (cf

The medium of communication also has an impact on what (and how) things
are preceived. A book takes years to prepare, a journal months, a
magazine weeks, and a newsgroup / chat room / radio program / eamail list
are daily. Is there a journal (4 times per year) for 'pop' music? Who
would want to read a review of a concert/event published almost a year
later? (except for academics who read CMJ etc...).

Seems to me different strokes for different folks.

Also, as has been mentioned frequently, the field of sonic art is
exploding, but also (as seen recently on oz-computer), imploding. The
rapid adoption of PhotoShopMusic as being the basis for an education in
ea (sound for multi-media apps esp), is of (negative?) concern to the
educational community.

Are English lit majors encouraged to read the 'Coles Notes' version of a
book, or to invest the time and energy to "do it right". And sound
courses are under pressure (internal and external) to 'make connection
with' creators of PhotoShopMusic.

Here at Concordia, there are a Major and Minor in Digital Image and
Sound, with no sound courses required. Sound in web applications, until
now, has been taught by visual arts based people. I asked if I provided a
PhotoShop collage is considered adequate visual literacy, and if not, why
is PhotoShopSound an accepted level of sonic literacy?

Some of the teachers didn't understand the question, so I wasn't going to
mention additive meters, the harmonic series, phase vocding or double-stops.

Late August drying days.



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