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Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 13:16:18 EDT

gabbling on about Re: P.L.U.R. matt was heard to mutter...

> Ahhh.. P.(eace), L.(ove), U.(nity), R.(espect)...
> Y'know.. long before the mainstream acceptance of techno, the Rave
> scene was actually adherent to the above acronym.. (like '89-'93, i'm
> talkin')

well...see below...
> Now , of course we have the all-nighter clubs, and Rave "fashion" that
> have all but killed off this sentiment.

we have this here in Melbourne, the capital of rave in Australia... for what thats worth...
> Kinda parallels the commodification of the sixties counterculture.. by the
> time everyone knew about it, it was over.

absolutelky..w e have recently had a huge net discussion about the last
straw.... a certain party that has finally done its dash with the
institution of the rave scene that has proven the oxymoron that is
institution and rave....

but in fact we do have a dedicated 'underground' of PLUR devotees who
hold small (1000people) parties .... one last year called Gaian Thump had
electro acoustic composers from various....heeeeeere we go.. academic
settings ..playing in the chill in the morning... being so small Australia
gets the oddest combinations sometimes....

I my own self play E/A in the chills at some techno clubs here in
Melbourne, thiough I far prefer the morning sun to light my acoustic fires....
> M.(oney) U.(niformity) D.(rugs) A.(pathy)
> seems to describe this world better now...

in the main...
> (still a lot of great music being made, tho!)


best to you...
"Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds"
Wild Bill Shakespeare.

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